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About Suzanne F. Goulding

Suzanne F. Goulding, in addition to being recognized as a successful personal injury attorney, is a retired police officer with 13 years of experience in law enforcement and 25 years of experience in civil law. Goulding knows the law from all different angles—she defends the rights of all she represents and uses her experience to win even the most difficult cases.

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“Suzanne was fast! When we needed help after our accident, Suzanne and her staff walked us through everything, got all our medical bills paid and we were able to get a new car.
 Thanks Suzanne!”

Ramone C.

“When we needed help with our accident, Suzanne was right there. Her attention to detail got us additional money we weren’t expecting!”

Maria R.

“Suzanne got us taken care of, FAST! We got our money after only 45 days with her handling our case.”

Jesus M.

“Suzanne is one-of-a-kind, thorough and thoughtful. I had the feeling that she really cared about my case.”

Melanie G.

“After another attorney dropped my case, Suzanne got me over $30,000. Thank you Suzanne!”

Marcie F.