Get Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

Suzanne F. Goulding has already helped countless motorcycle accident victims. Every victim is entitled to obtain compensation for their motorcycle accidents. Since motorcyclists are the most vulnerable individuals on California highways, it is our duty to defend them.

motorcycle accidents

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Know what to do before contacting a motorcycle accident attorney

Normally, the damage received from a motorcycle accident requires an ambulance. If you experience such an accident, try to stay calm and follow some of these steps before contacting Suzanne F. Goulding’s motorcycle accident attorneys:

  • Get an accident report. If you are unable to do this, ensure that the police possess a copy.
  • Try to get an eyewitness report from someone at the scene of the accident.
  • Take pictures or video of the crash site.
  • Accept any medical attention and advice, even if this entails going to the hospital emergency room. (Once the resolution is made, you will be reimbursed for all insurance-related expenses).
  • Once calm, either at home or in the hospital, contact the motorcycle accident attorneys of Suzanne F. Goulding.

Don’t worry: Suzanne F. Goulding will make the drive to your home! We know the consequences of a motorcycle accident, and that’s why we are here to defend you. Remember, the consultation is absolutely FREE! Call 909-599-6329