Get Compensation for Auto & Truck Accidents

Suzanne Goulding will ensure that you receive the monetary compensation you deserve for the physical and psychological consequences of your truck or car accident injuries.

Do you know if you entitle for a monetary compensation? Tell us if:

  • You suffered injuries due to your truck or car accident
  • Your truck or car has suffered damages
  • You have pictures from the accident
  • You have pictures from your truck or car damage

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Know what to do before contacting a car accident attorney

Before filing a lawsuit for compensation, here are some steps you should take before contacting a car accident attorney:

  • Stay calm and remain in a safe place. If the accident is serious, call 911.
  • Immediately call the police.
  • Exchange as much information as you can with the other driver: license, insurance, photographs, etc.
  • Take pictures and videos of the crash site.
  • Try to cooperate with any witnesses. With their permission, you can record their testimony on your cellular phone or smart device.
  • Collaborate with the police, accept all medical help, and do not answer any questions that might compromise your account of the incident.

If you have suffered a car accident in California, remember that you have a maximum of two years to contact a trusted lawyer.

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